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Recycle your Junk Car Now

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Fill out the application for our review. If you’re company is eligible (right license, etc.), we will contact you and explain what is expected from our buyers &  how the buying process works so you can set start buying ASAP.

There is no fee to get started. You only pay us when we do our job. As you receive offers and complete each purchase from the seller. You will  be billed a flat fee per purchase, as agreed to with Recycle Your Junk Car 

Your company will need all the proper commercial licensing required by law in your state & area. We will also talk with you about all of your  current buying needs and a fair pricing structure for your area to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Recycle Your Junk Car will negotiate to buy cars from independent owners. We try to make it as easy as possible for the sellers. Our goal is to get them the most money we can. While during  your company’s qualification we will determine the types of cars you want, price range, and the areas you cover. Then we will let you know, when ever we have an offer that a seller has excepted. If you are ok with the offer you will be given all the sellers info to set up the purchase & pick up of the vehicle. 

Unlike other junk car buying services, who pit each of their clients against each other. Where the pricing seems to change everyday & there is no loyalty to any of their clients, no matter how many car they have bought or how long they have been with them . We want to partner with one client who wants to work together with us. 

What sets us apart is the goals we have for both our sellers & buyers. With our digital marketing expertise, our focus is to attract as many local junk car sellers in your area. With our automotive experience & customer service we sell our recycling services.  We want to partner with one client who wants to work together side by side with us, all the while trying to target & achieve the same goals .

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